Reaching Out

"And the most stupid thing of all... Is that lately, I've been feeling strangely satisfied."


Welcome to Reaching Out! A shrine dedicated to the character of Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO.

Ankh is my favorite character in Kamen Rider, as well as one of my favorite charcters of all time. So I wanted to have a little slice of the internet dedicated to my favorite bird monster.

Here you'll see some essays and meta on him by me, some of my on fanworks about him, as well as other things!

I picked the name Reaching Out for the name of this shrine because I feel it is a phrase that describes Ankh in many ways. How he is desperate to get his core medals back. How Ankh will take whatever he wants within the reach of his grasp when possible. And for many other reasons that are more spoiler heavy I won't get into right here...

If you've seen OOO, you probably know what I'm thinking of too.

This shrine is a consistent and constant work in progress. If you want to link back, feel free to use the following banner! No hotlinking please.

Reaching Out

Before You Proceed:

Please note that there will be unmarked spoilers from all of Kamen Rider OOO present.

From the show, movies, and just about all supplemental materials that the webmaster has been able to see thus far throughout this shrine. Which while is not everything, it is most of it. So please tread with caution if you don't want spoilers.

Or better yet, go watch Kamen Rider OOO. Toei has episodes one and two available officially for free on Youtube with subtitles. I promise it's worth your time!

(As of right now there is no legal way to watch the whole show outside of Japan... but with a little bit of googling I promise you can find it!)

Changelog and Updates:

3/13/2024: Tweaked up the CSS! Should look a lot better on phones now.

Sorry about the lack of updates, I promise I'm working on this! Life, you know? I hope to get more up here this year.

6/7/2023: This shrine is now up and live! Not every single page is ready and has something on it, mainly the multimedia and essays/meta pages. But I hope to get them running soon.

This section will get it's own dedicated page at some point, but since there is only one update here right now I'm keeping it here for the time being.